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How to Plant an Acorn and Grow an Oak Tree

A Dyna Rail is designed to be bolted to a tree stump or deck railing.
While we don't suggest that you go out and cut down a tree, there are plenty of valid reasons for doing so.

If you do have a stump why not use it, but why not also plant an acorn to replace the lost tree.
Just like Christmas tree farmers replace their trees after people buy them at Christmas time.
If you have the time, you can also plant the acorn, wait fifty years, cut the tree down, and then bolt on your Dyna Rail!

We like to plant our acorns shortly after they had fallen from the tree, so the squirrels don't beat us to them.

Just like during the holidays when certain shoppers beat us to our favorite Christmas cards or gifts. Finding the perfect acorn is as easy as finding Christmas cards or planting trees - click here

Planting instructions
1. Make sure the acorn is clean and dry.
2. Prepare container, we used 3” (75mm) deep plastic pots or find suitable place to plant outside.
3. Fill pot with a peat free* compost, make a hollow with your finger or dig a small hole in the ground about 1” (25mm) deep,
4. Put the acorn in pot or hole on its side.
5. Cover with compost or soil, press down lightly.
6. Water and label.
7. If in a pot, place in a semi-bright place (i.e. near windowsill)
8. Do not let dry out (but don’t over water!)
9. They may grow before winter but it is unlikely that they will produce any leaves until spring.
10. Transplant into a larger pot or wherever, when too big for existing.
11. If planted outside protect from extreme weather and small animals.We recommend planting in pots and keeping inside/under glass until saplings to ensure that you know where they are and the squirrels and Blue Jays don't eat them while your are busy observing the heavens.

*Please use a peat free compost, peat bogs are a finite natural resource and a unique ecological environment. Do not help to destroy them.


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