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LED Light Bars

Light bars are plastic light guides with LEDs in the end and a microcomputer controller.
We carry four models. two have one long tube (-1, 12") with LEDs in both ends, and two are two tubes (-2, 3") each with a LED assembly.
Then they are either red only (R models) or multicolor (M models). The M models always start red and then you can pick any of six colors plus white. It also has a setting where it slowly changes color. The controller box has the control switches on it.
They will run for two evening on just four AA batteries
The power connector is a USB plug. You can either plug it into a USB Jack on a computer or we supply a USB jack and battery box that you can make your own system with, you can also just cut the USB plug off and do with it whatever you want.
They come with a set of adhesive mounting pads for attaching them.
We use three of them off of one set of four AA batteries at star parties to keep people from tripping over tripod legs, they are also good for lighting our books and computer keyboards

Click here for a PDF copy of the manual
Part Number LB-1
in off mode
Part Number LB-1
in Red mode
Part Number LB-1
in Blue mode
Part Number LB-1R
in off mode
Part Number LB-2M
Part Number LB-2R
in off mode


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